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Incense by Wicked Good Perfume

Fulfilled by our friends at Wicked Good Perfume

An incense like no other, Wicked Good hand dipped charcoal incense is handcrafted using the highest-quality bamboo charcoal for the purest, cleanest burn.

Solutions for:
- Meditation
- Aromatherapy
- Yoga
- Spa
- Deepen spirituality
- Inspiration
- Ambiance 

If you want to know more…
Our premium quality. 1" cones burn cleaner and smoother then wood-based cones. More impressively, the scent lingers in the air for hours. Our incense instantly transports you to a sacred world of luxurious fragrances to suit your every mood or meditation. Travel-friendly tin. Lid may act as burner. Burn time: 20-30 minutes approximately. Size: 20-count tin.

What else you need to know:
The fragrance from these incense cones can have quite a profound effect on your mind, body and spirit, helping to create a spiritual environment, imbuing your surroundings with a sense of calm and transcendence.

Wicked Good incense is handcrafted. Producing charcoal incense requires diverse talents of our team of artists and craftsmen to make sure that each fragrance is effective and helps soothe your soul.