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Kimono MicroThin Condoms

Kimono MicroThin condoms are in the ULTRA-thin category of condoms. They’re thinner than the thinnest Trojan condoms. They’re thinner than the thinnest Durex condoms. In fact, they’re just about the thinnest latex condoms you can buy.


Kimono MicroThin


What does that mean? It means you can feel more sensation with every move. More heat, moisture, and intensity—and your partner can feel more of you too.  

Kimono MicroThin condoms might be unbelievably thin, but they’re still just as safe as other condoms thanks to premium latex and long-lasting lubricant.

20% Thinner than the Rest

Kimono MicroThin aren’t 20% thinner than the average condom. They’re 20% thinner than the average THIN condom. These condoms let you feel more, see more, and get closer to your partner in your most intimate moments.


Japanese Craftsmanship 

Kimono is a premium condom brand. Sure, it costs a bit more, but it’s well worth it. MicroThin condoms are made with softer, odor-free latex that feels like silk on your shaft. And the long-lasting lubricant keeps you going for longer. 

Vegan Approved 

Most condoms contain animal by-products, but Kimono’s formula is 100% cruelty-free. When you buy Kimono MicroThin condoms, you can feel good about doing something for the planet even if you were thinking with your dick. That doesn’t happen often! 

Kimono MicroThin FAQ:

How thin are Kimono MicroThin condoms? Kimono MicroThin condoms measure .044 mm thin. The average condom is about .065 mm thin.
What kind of lube is used in Kimono MicroThin condoms? Kimono MicroThin condoms contain premium water-based lube.

Do Kimono MicroThin condoms break easily?


No, Kimono MicroThin are tested for strength and approved by the FDA for safe sex.

Do Kimono MicroThin condoms protect against pregnancy and STDs/STIs? Yes, Kimono MicroThin are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STD/STI transmission.
Can I pay for Kimono MicroThin with my FSA or HSA?  

Yes. Kimono MicroThin are eligible for reimbursement with FSA, HSA, and HRA.