Malachite Energy Anklet by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Welcome spring energy and regeneration into every step with the Malachite Energy Anklet. Gorgeous in soft swirls of black and green, this radiant ankle bracelet helps you to embrace change, boost self-confidence, and shake off any negative vibes you may be carrying on your journey. 

“With this anklet, I welcome change and open my heart to the ripe energy of spring”


The magic of Malachite is heavenly and hypnotic and comes from the Greek word for soft. While brimming with radiant strength, this stone certainly has a gentleness about it and is a celebrated heart chakra opener. Ever ready to help you peel back the layers of the heart, Malachite carries the wisdom of the earth and a deep set of feminine energy. From the trees to the moon and everything that blooms, Malachite is known as the Stone of Transformation and for good reason. It helps to flush out toxic emotions, invites you to let go of that which is not serving you, and encourages you to step forward onto sunny new pastures.

Like many green gems, Malachite is a heart chakra opener. This stone works to help the heart space heal from old emotional wounds and ensures that your heart is open and ready to give and receive the fullest spectrum of love. While the heart chakra is certainly where Malachites' strength lies, it also brings the rest of the chakras into alignment too - strengthening the root, rising to the heart, and tapping into the third eye wisdom and the crown.

Wearing the Malachite Anklet will also surround you with a forcefield of protection. This gem can keep you protected from negative energy and can stir up any stagnancy. If you need a new flush of vibrancy and all the ripe and hopeful energy of spring, you can count on Malachite to bring it all bubbling to the surface. Get creative, get ready, and be raring to go with the charging and healing high vibrations of Malachite.


  • Faceted Genuine 4mm Malachite Gemstone Beads with silvery beads & Tiny Rituals Tag 
  • Adjustable Strong Cord 
  • Size Small measures 7.5" fits Ankles 7"-8" 
  • Size Medium measures 8.5" fits Ankles 8"-9" 
  • Size Large measures 9.5" fits Ankles 9"-10" 
  • If you're in between sizes, size up 
  • Stone colors may vary slightly Comes with a description card

Malachite Energy Anklet by Tiny Rituals

$58.00 $98.00 40% Off