Malachite Silver Ring by Tiny Rituals

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The deepest shades of natural green meet the sparkle of sterling silver in this Malachite Silver Ring. With the subtle grace of a gorgeous statement, natural Malachite is an absolute mood. Known for its earthly energy and ability to help the body heal, this silver Malachite ring is a must for those who want to tap into the ancient reserves of this favored alchemist's gem.

“With this ring, I rise up and branch out like a tree, welcoming new growth and change”


Green Malachite works in harmony with the body to bring you back to the fullest flush of health. With this ring on your finger, you can keep your blood pressure on the down-low and your cells ripe for healing no matter what. This big healing energy comes from Malachite's ability to soothe and calm, also making it a savvy stone for those who feel tensions running high. For those who suffer from menstrual issues, Malachite is full of feminine energy and can heal aches and pains associated with cycles. Malachite is also known as the midwife stone as it can assist in ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Wearing this Malachite ring can also bring your heart chakra into alignment. Malachite is a multifaceted crystal that is big on emotional healing. Not only can it grant you the courage and wisdom to rise up and branch out like a tree, but it also clears out any negative patterns or poor energy that is clogging up your inner space. 

Malachite knows to heal hearts and by cleansing and clearing your heart chakra, it creates plenty of space for a new flow and the flush of spring feelings. Growth, roots, life, love, and new beginnings are very much the vibe of Malachite. Wearing the Malachite Silver Ring gets you grounded and stacks you with light. The silver element also brings its own sweetness, offering emotional balance and harmony. 


  • Made of .925 Sterling Silver 
  • Comes in Sizes 5 - 9 
  • Made in India with Love 
  • Comes with a description card
  • Real Malachite Gemstone, not dyed

Malachite Silver Ring by Tiny Rituals

$48.00 $98.00 51% Off