Natural Green Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal Cluster


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Green Quartz History

Green quartz, also known as prasiolite, vermarine or lime citrine, is a macrocrystalline variety of the mineral quartz and is a rare stone in nature. This stone has been mistakenly referred to as "green amethyst" in the past, but the Federal Trade Commission of the United States has stated that is misleading, unfair and deceptive, and sellers who use this name could face legal action.

Natural green quartz is thought to be discovered in 1884 and is commonly known as "prasoilite," which is derived from two Greek words: prason, which means "leek," and lithos, which means "stone." Other names used for prasiolite are "praseolite" and "praziolite."

Green Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Green quartz is associated with the heart chakra and is thought to awaken love, empathy, compassion and increase connections with others. This stone helps people look on the bright side of things, turning negative energy into positive energy.

Green quartz can help bring peace and understanding in relationships and allows the wearer to approach stressful situations with patience and grace. Green quartz stimulates creativity and is believed to reduce anxiety, encourage financial success and support healthy recovery after illness or surgery.

Green Quartz Geological Properties

Green quartz is a macrocrystalline variety of the mineral quartz, the most abundant single mineral on earth. Most naturally occurring green quartz comes from a small mine in Brazil, with some minor deposits in Poland and Canada.

Because natural green quartz is so rare, it is more commonly a heat-treated amethyst. When heated, amethyst typically turns yellow or orange, but some will turn varying shades of green. Most green quartz on the market today results from a combination of heat treatment or ionizing radiation.

Theme: Love


Regional Feature: Europe

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Stone







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Natural Green Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal Cluster