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Orgone Gemstone Pendants by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Take your pick of these prana filled Orgone energy pendants. Charged with positive power and naturally programmed to keep negativity, EMF’s, and harmful vibes at bay, wearing an Orgone Necklace can help you harness and turn stagnant air into pure flow. First uncovered by Dr Wilhelm Reich, Orgone energy can be found in everything. Healers and big picture thinkers all know that energy can get trapped and that stagnant energy can turn your world into chaos. Whether from electronic devices or trauma trapped in the body, some energy can build up and prevent the beauty of love, light, creativity, passion, and play from seeping through. By wearing an Orgonite pendant you can surround yourself with clean air and free-flowing positive energy.

“With this pendant, I keep my energetic space sacred and soaked in light”


Filter out toxicity, turn bad vibes into beauty, stand clear of EMF’s, and welcome healing sleep into your life with these Orgone Gemstone Pendants. Choose the stone that calls to your soul and let your own fabulous force sync up with the high vibrations of the universe.

Red Jasper for keeping your roots strong and stable and connected to the earth.

Green Aventurine for welcoming abundance into your heart.

Yellow Aventurine for solar plexus balance and bringing more optimism to the world.

Carnelian for rousing your passionate and creative desires.

Clear Quartz for master healing and bringing clarity and light to every corner.

Rose Quartzfor deepening compassion, trust, and loving yourself and others with beautiful abandon.

Black Tourmaline for a protective cloak and cleansing negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli for third eye wisdom and speaking your inner truth.

Amethyst for crown chakra connections and vibing with the cosmos.

Keep yourself driving your own destiny. We all must live in this modern world but that doesn’t mean we need to let go of the magic. With this Orgone pendant, you can be your own energy alchemist.


  • Gemstones and Copper Embedded in Resin
  • Pendant Measures approximately 1.5 inches Long by 0.75 inches Wide
  • Comes on 18 inch Black Cotton Cord with Lobster Clasp & 2" Extender Chain
  • Made in India with Love