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Orgone Gemstone Stars by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Let sacred geometry, spiritual science, and the healing power of crystals be your guiding light with these Orgone Gemstone Stars. The star shape has long been a symbol of divine guidance and of being a light in the darkness. The intelligent energy of orgone also spins positive energy. Together, they are a force of fabulous power. This orgone gemstone star charging plate can be used to energize your crystals, herbs, and other spiritual tools.

“With this star, I harness orgone energy, bright copper, and crystal magic to cleanse and charge”


Channel power and cosmic cleansing with this Orgone Gemstone Star Charging Plate. Orgone discs carved from crystal and studded with a copper coil are here to change things for the better. Adept at harnessing chaotic and stagnant energy and transforming it into something truly positive, these plates can keep EMF’s at bay, boost your immune system, and encourage the fine flow of positivity. Where they really shine is as a charging plate for your other crystals or precious spiritual tools. Simply lay your stones on this star-spangled crystal plate and let it get to work cleansing and charging your gems until they are energetically brand new. With six different gemstone styles to choose from, there are many elements at work stashed within this spiritual star. 

Rose Quartz for love and harmony, This pale pink star supercharges with rich loving energy, shades of self-compassion, and heart chakra cleansing.

Amethyst for peace and serenity. Shimmering in cosmic shades of purple, this star brings calm to every corner of your being and keeps your crown chakra shining its light.

Black Tourmaline for protective power. Dark and dreamy, this grounding star surrounds you with protective energy, keeps bad energy at bay, and helps you stand steady on your own two feet.

Carnelian for creative energy. Bright and beautiful, this vibrant red star brings life-giving energy. It also secures the base chakras and brings your warrior spirit rising to the surface. 

Lapis Lazulifor inner wisdom. Mystical magic arrives in shades of blue and gold in the swirl of the Lapis Lazuli star. This charged up star can clear the throat chakra and awaken the third eye, ensuring your voice comes from a place of pure intuitive wisdom. 

Chakra for complete balance. This chakra star ensures all seven energy points of the body are cleansed and clear so that pure energy can flow from crown to toe. 


  • with copper coil, 2.4 inches (60mm)