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Orgonite Gemstone Keychains by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Hold your own when it comes to fending off EMF vibes and channel powerful healing energy with the rich radiation shield of the Orgone Keychain. Sculpted from the science of Dr Reich, Orgonite marries certain crystals with resin to create a powerful shield against harmful rays and ensures complete body, mind, and spirit healing.

“With this keychain, I carry a shield against the waves of the world that can erode my power”


Shimmering with bionized Black Tourmalinecrystals and filled with the lyrical light of Lapis Lazuli, the Orgonite key chain serves up a strong defense from harmful rays including cell, tv, and computer radiation. The Orgone keychain may be one of the most protective amulets in your pocket. Its potent powers go beyond EMF energy protection by helping keep your moods balanced, your slumber deep and filled with dreams, your immune system boosted, and your spiritual branches blooming.

The resin keychain provides the perfect body and space for the rich healing of gemstone pieces and the copper coil helps to stimulate the flow of energy and amplifies positivity. Our world is ripe with stressful frequencies and negative energies and while our love of technology can serve our modern convenience -it can also heighten our exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. Orgonite encourages the body, mind, and soul to adapt to the presence of EMF’s by decreasing sensitivity and keeping you strong and safe from outside influences.

Keep your Orgonite key chain close by in our digital landscape and lap up the benefits of deeper meditation and strengthened intention. Some owners of Orgonite will feel its tingling power immediately while others may find that the resin rich blend builds slowly in their system. Orgonite energy knows how to adapt to fit you like a glove and it comes soaked to its core in spiritual love.


  • Resin key chain willed with genuine gemstone pieces and a copper coil
  • Lapis Lazuli filled
  • Black Tourmaline filled
  • Handmade with love in India
  • Comes with a description card



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