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Pendulum Mats by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Say farewell to guesswork and fine-tune your understanding of the pendulum with these Pendulum Mats. These dowsing mats are enchanting in every way and help the pendulum user to simply decipher what the cosmos and the crystal is trying to say. Lovingly embroidered with easy-to-understand answers, this is a beautiful tool for communicating with your crystal pendulum.

“With this mat, I set the scene for clear, honest, and ever-present communication”

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Pendulums have been around for centuries and are excellent tools for those who want to glimpse into the future and connect with those higher realms for healing and guidance. By holding the crystal pendulum between your index finger and thumb, asking a question, and seeing how the gemstone responds, you can take heart that the cosmos is here to lead you gently down the right path. 

While some people program their crystals to communicate in accordance with their own directions, sometimes it works better to let the gemstone take up its own energetic space. This may not be the easiest method for reading the crystal's intentions, and this is where the pendulum mat helps fill that gap. Crystals and dowsing can be a potent combination and clearing the way for smooth communication and open answers take any misunderstanding out of the equation. 

Choose from the Celtic wand midnight velvet mat. Beautifully mapped out with guidance for straightforward yes, no, and maybe answers. It also comes with numerals and letters to help spell out certain intentions all encased in a mystical border design. The other mat shares that velvet black and silver star hue but brings the power of the seven chakras into play for intentional answers and directed healing. Either of these mats brings with it the chance to connect and gather insight into what the universe has waiting for you.

  • 2 varieties
  • Velvet Pendulum Mat -Board 8"x12" 
  • Eight Celtic Wand shape design in middle with letters and numbers and Celtic border of this Black Velvet Pendulum Mat with silver print. 
  • Size 8 x12" approximately may little vary.
  • Seven Chakra Pendulum Mat 8"x12"  
  • Seven Chakra in the middle of this black Pendulum Mat with silver print. 
  • Size 8 x12" approximately.
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