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Rose Quartz Energy Anklet by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Bring love and compassion to every step as you walk gently through the world with this Rose Quartz Energy Anklet. Radiant with soft and sweet vibes, there is so much to adore about this healing crystal. Intuitive, linked to the Goddess Aphrodite, and inviting all the care, this Rose Quartz gemstone anklet in sterling silver will show you the way.

“With this anklet, I let love and light lead me as I seek out my one true spirit path”


Glowing with all the rosy energy of love, balance, and harmony, the Rose Quartz love stone is here to keep you connected, cleanse the heart space, and to align your own vibrations with that of the goddess. There are a thousand splendid reasons to fall in love with Rose Quartz - physically it can help the body heal and boost your heart health and circulation. Emotionally it will balance you out and help you recover from any emotional wounds you have been holding. Spiritually, like many pink crystals, it cracks open the heart chakra so love and trust can shine like a golden beacon - attracting the life you want.

Our heart chakra is incredibly important to our health and well-being. When closed we may find ourselves distrustful, closed from possibility, and angry or lost and lonely. When open we become a magnet for magical energy, attracting all that we desire and sending out a radiance that keeps us beautiful both inside and out. It is also connected to themes of divine energy and feminine grace. It taps into our feminine side so we can carry the aura of peace and love wherever we go.

The anklet makes the perfect form of crystal jewelry for the Rose Quartz stone. This gem strung around the ankle helps you to walk with purpose and play. It brings meaning to each choice and direction we take and keeps your heart-centred and connected  - no matter which path you find yourself stepping down.


  • Faceted Genuine 4mm Rose Quartz Gemstone Beads with silvery beads & Tiny Rituals Tag 
  • Adjustable Strong Cord 
  • Size Small measures 7.5" fits Ankles 7"-8" 
  • Size Medium measures 8.5" fits Ankles 8"-9" 
  • Size Large measures 9.5" fits Ankles 9"-10" 
  • If you're in between sizes, size up 
  • Stone colors may vary slightly Comes with a description card



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