Sandalwood Mala by Tiny Rituals


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Let sweet scents uplift you and prayer beads bring you back to the body and the mind with this sandalwood hand-knotted mala. In the tradition of ancient eastern practices, mala beads can be used as the perfect meditation tool - helping to hone and soothe the mind through our senses, bring the focus back to the breath, and provide a calming counting practice to keep racing thoughts at bay. Sandalwood too brings its own healing benefits with its grounding scent and heart-opening vibes. 

“With this Mala, I stay grounded, open, and connected to the present moment I’m in”


This sandalwood mala is full size with 108 beads for blissful counting. The word mala translates to ‘garland’ and this prayer bead beauty is carved from intricate sandalwood beads. Sandalwood has long been a part of harmony and healing. It has been used in funeral ceremonies as it helps to carry the soul from one life to the next. It has also been used for its natural woody and earthy scent that helps to bring about profound thoughts, a sense of heightened relaxation, and gorgeous grounding knowledge that keeps you at ease in the body. 

The mala helps guide your practice. By running each bead through your fingers, you can count or repeat your mantra over and over, delving deeper into your practice as you go. These beads keep you on track and prevent the monkey mind from charging in and taking over. Mala beads also help recenter you and can draw attention away from negative thought take-overs bringing you directly back to this present moment. 

The combination of soothing sandalwood meeting the fine-tuned focus of the mala beads is a soul centric match. Wear these beads on a daily basis to stay grounded, centered, and connected to the present or keep them close during your meditative practice. 

  • 7mm beads, 108 count,
  • Description includes meaning of mala and meaning of sandalwood

Sandalwood Mala by Tiny Rituals