Serpentine Sphere by Tiny Rituals

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Let the Serpentine Sphere cast its spell on you. This evocative looking heart chakra stone is all about tapping into your kundalini spirit, clearing space for spiritual exploration, and blessing you with regenerative energy so you can step into your own soul. The sphere shape also brings its own elements, granting you the chance to see deeper and further and reminding us that we are already whole and complete in our power.

“With this sphere, I shift and shape my inner landscape to love deeper, see further, and renew my spirit”


Sharing the same colors and charms of a snake shedding its skin, the Serpentine Stone brings the energy of transformation with it. In ancient texts, serpents are truly powerful beings. They represent fertility, healing, a life force, rebirth, eternity, and a continuation of life. This all links deeply with the energy of the kundalini spirit - the coiled serpent that sits at the base of our spine and helps us rise to our fullest potential.

The Serpentine Stone has big spiritual energy. It is a gem of vision, realization, purpose, and power. When married with the magic of the sacred geometry shape of the sphere, it brings renewal to the mind, body, and spirit. The crystal sphere is also known for being a scrying tool - glimmering crystal balls that help us see beyond the here and now and open us to messages of past and present that can help to shift and shape our inner landscapes and fortunes. The sphere also holds connotations of wholeness and unity. 

This Serpentine Sphere brings comfort, joy, and even the power of positive change. You can hold it warm in your hands when you need to feel the comforting weight of oneness. Place it on your altar or turn to it in spiritual practice and meditation when you feel ready for a shift or to see visions that can guide you to your next destination. It can also be used as a heart chakra opener-here to cleanse and clear blockages so you can love and trust in full power.


  • Unique and genuine Serpentine gemstone
  • Approx. 25mm-40mm
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card



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