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Bring cleansing positive energy to your heart and your home with this sweet-scented Smudge Bundle. Calling on the aromatic ancient energy of California White Sage, the shamanism of fiery Dragons Blood, and the beautiful blend of herbs and flowers like Mountain Sage and Lavender, these Smudge Bundle sets bring a major stagnant energy overhaul. 

“With this smudge stick, I cleanse my inner house and consider myself worthy of a sacred space”


For centuries, different spiritual cultures have been turning to the gifts of mother nature to help them cleanse their souls and their homes. Smudging goes so much deeper than simply bringing an energetic cleanse. Often these herbs and flowers contain antimicrobial properties, soothing scents, and all kinds of uplifting vibes. These smudge bundles also come with a Palo Santo stick. Palo Santo sticks are known for their positive and protective blessings. They can chase out negative energy, nurture gratitude, and stimulate the mind and body. Take your pick of perfect smudge bundles with the following spiritual scents.

California White Sage - This silvery sweet style of sage is beloved by Native American Tribes and has a long history with healing. Ever ready to sweep away bad vibes and bring a divine dose of positive energy, California White Sage brings ceremony, nature, and a clean slate to any sacred space.

Dragon's Blood/White Sage - Invoke energy and magic with the energetic scent of Dragon’s Blood and the wild wonder of White Sage. With just the right amount of spice, this smudge scent is aligned with honor, power, and connecting to the core. 

Lavender/White Sage/ Mountain Sage - Soft and soothing, lavender blends with white sage and mountain sage and becomes the holy trinity of healing. Lavender is known for its sense of gentle joy and relaxation. Mountain Sage for its connection with the wilder elements, and White Sage for its ceremonial vibes. Together, these scents help you to fully unwind and wash away traces of stress.

Black Sage, also called Mugwort or Magical Sage helps to stimulate dreams It Comes from mountains from California north through British Columbia. It has a  sweet fragrance and is used in ritual practices for protection.
Yerba Santa Smudge  is grown in the dry hill areas of California and Northern Mexico. It has a sweet fragrance which will purify and uplift any environment you burn it in. It activates the heart chakra and is used for love and purification.
Cedar Smudge can be used in rituals, ceremonies, magic, and has a wonderful forest Cedar aroma.  Cedar can be used for protection, purification, healing.
Eucalyptus Smudge is a very powerful healing plant plant and helps remove negative energies from you environment.
California Black Lavender A Unique blend of Sage and Black Lavender, it helps purify your surroundings, promotes relaxation and aides in meditation.


  • Bundle Contains  -  2 -4" smudges and 2  -4" palo santo stick + card
  • California White Sage
  • Dragon’s Blood / White Sage
  • Lavender / White Sage / Mountain Sage
  • Black Sage (Mugwort)
  • Yerba Santa Smudge
  • Cedar Sage
  • Eucalyptus Smudge
  • California Black Lavender Smudge



Smudge Bundles by Tiny Rituals

$18.00 $98.00 81% Off