Tibetan Twisted Healing Ring by Tiny Rituals

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All the healing elements come together in this Tibetan Twisted Ring. The song of bright copper, the conductive beauty of brass, and the light love of Aluminum. Bringing into being the flow of healthy circulation, the harmony of energy, and Tibetan ritual for bringing strength to the body, mind, and soul – this ring is radiant with life’s vitality.

“With this ring, I move through the world with the balance of both spiritual and physical strength”


Weaving together the Tibetan trilogy of precious metals, the Tri-Metal Twisted Ring is all about harmonizing the physical body with its higher purpose. It serves as a reminder that everything is connected and that all the elements are forever in a dance with each other to bring balance to our being.

Copper is known for being an incredible conductor of energy. It magnifies energy and washes away lethargy, all while keeping the wearer grounded and graced with the glow of high vibrations. In the physical body, Copper is known for keeping the pathways of healing open and easing aches and pains thanks to its uncanny ability to help your body attract exactly what it needs.

Brass brings inner and outer strength to the party. Known for its high copper content and a tantalizing touch of zinc, this bronzed metal is all about keeping you soaked in clarity and keeping your mental functions sharper than a tack. It is a metal that knows how to help you problem-solve, gives you that golden shine to instantly banish bad feelings, and is an excellent tool for those looking to ramp up their efficiency in life.

Aluminum too is a silver flash tonic for the system. Known for helping soothe the nervous system, this metal invites you to speak your truth and stand in your power. The meeting of these three entwined in this Tibetan Ring brings a flash of elemental healing to your hand, reminding you that natures raw energy can help us live a life of spiritual richness and physical strength.


  • Made of Copper, Brass, and Aluminum 
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Made in India with Love
  • Comes with a description card

Tibetan Twisted Healing Ring by Tiny Rituals

$32.00 $68.00 52% Off