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VeDO Wink Rabbit Vibe - Indigo by Condomania.com

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Fulfilled by our friends at Condomania.com

VeDo's WINK VIBE is a dual motored vibrator planned to deliver double satisfaction in every use. It is a great deal regarding how much fun it can give for its price.

I'll tell you a little bit more about it:

G-Spot and Clitoris Targeted Design

VeDo made WINK VIBE's curved shape for G-spot delighting. Once inside, you'll feel how its vibrations specifically aim to pleasantly stimulate your G-spot.

And for those who need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, the WINK VIBE has a flexible 'rabbit tickler' that you will love.

Vigorous Sensations

The WINK VIBE has twelve gratifying modes on the gently curved head: slow, medium, and insanely intense.

And the WINK VIBE rabbit tickler gives them three modes. That may seem very little, but trust us, this will be more than enough to get you off.

These two vibration sets are separated. The WINK VIBE works with two powerful independent motors. Which means lots of combinations and fun.

Easy-control Design

Also, its one-button control will make the experience of focusing your touch on your g-area even easier.

Satisfying Smoothness

The 100% high-quality medical-grade silicone gives the WINK VIBE a silky smooth, excellent texture.

Its silicone is water-based lubricant-compatible, so go ahead and try different lubes to spicy the sessions even more.

Its silicone is so soft that you'll want to feel it in different areas, so don't limit yourself. Buzz it against as many spots as you wish.


Baths won't be the same ANYMORE!

The WINK VIBE will give a whole new meaning to your baths! Why? WINK VIBE IS COMPLETELY SUBMERSIBLE!

Meant for Marathon Session Lovers

The WINK VIBE runs for 2 HOURS; isn't that awesome?

Discretion is its second name!

This is not one of those whistle-blowing vibrators. WINK VIBE is super quiet, and its size is perfect for furtive adventures and travels. WINK VIBE won't give you away, trust us!


Product Features:

  • Two powerful motors
  • 12+3 vibration modes
  • One button easy control
  • Extremely quiet velvety smooth silicone
  • Designed for G-Spot and clitoral pleasures
  • Waterproof
  • 2xAAA (not included)
  • Running time 2 hours



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