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Wall Mirror - Decorative Metal Wall Mirror by Peterson Housewares & Artwares

Fulfilled by our friends at Peterson Housewares & Artwares

Wall Mirror, Decorative Metal Wall Mirror

"Decorative mirror is the perfect way to add dimension and a touch of finesse to your walls. Use the stylish metal around mirror to punctuate the vacant space above your rooms , or hang them alongside existing décor to create a striking gallery wall.

  • 100% handcrafted rich metals with hand-finished treatments,
  • Unique design, Rustic finish decorations art sculpture
  • Dimensions: W 35.4 " x D 2.6" x H 35.4" Mirror Size 27.5" x 27.5"
  • Materials: Metal and glass"
      Size/Weight: W 35" / D 3" / H 35" / 14 lb.