Wet Original Gel Water-Based Lubricant by Condomania.com

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Wet Original Gel Lubricant

Wet Original Gel Personal Lubricant

If you’re looking for a little something to whet your appetite while you get down and dirty, Wet Original is the perfect slick pick! This long-lasting lube is thick, smooth, and - because it is water-based - compatible with both sex toys and condoms.

Condomaniacs LOVE Wet Original because...

  • It's safe to use with condoms
  • It's easy to clean up
  • It's safe for sex toys
  • It's long-lasting

A few drops go a long way and with Wet Original’s gel consistency, those drops are far less likely to drip all over the place (but don’t worry if they do – this product won't stain the sheets).


Wet Original Feels like Natural Lubricant


Being a gel, this lube also offers an extra amount of “cushion,” which is super helpful when activities are getting vigorous, or if you are playing with something larger.


Wet Original Lube Benefits


Though it does last a long time, Wet Original sometimes can get a bit tacky after a while and may need a few additional drops to reconstitute the original slickness. Folks with sensitive skin may want to test this lube out before going full throttle – Wet Original contains glycerin and parabens that can irritate sensitive bits. 


Wet Original Gel Water-Based Lubricant by Condomania.com

$16.99 $22.99 26% Off